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The course is structured to satisfy the needs of many property practitioners who have entered the industry via routes other than specific training and education in the built environment. Many persons, who are responsible for the erection, maintenance, redevelopment, facilities management, project management, etc. of existing buildings and building projects, actually never had the opportunity to undergo much needed structured training or education in building construction technology. This dilemma is addressed by offering the CTP to provide the opportunity to enhance technology knowledge.

The structure and contents of the CTP cover a wide variety of knowledge areas, with the prime objective to foster a knowledge base and adequate information to address technical issues. Guidance regarding the way buildings are “put together” and how they function are given, making it possible to take responsible technical decisions, not having to rely only on the judgement of others. Comprehensive study material is provided and presented by expert lecturers and professional practitioners in the built environment. It is done by way of formal lectures, group work, discussion groups and case studies. Extensive use is made of drawings, diagrams, sketches, etc.

Sharpen up your technological knowledge base and enhance your decision making and execution skills.

Structure & Contents

The following topics, supported by suitable study material are dealt with:
• Soil mechanics and foundations
• Construction technology
• Cement and concrete
• Electrical equipment and services
• Mechanical equipment and services
• Plumbing installations: Water supply, sewerage and drainage
• Building services
• Passive environmental control
• Intelligent buildings, energy efficiency and “green” technology
• Pest control
• Maintenance work
• Regulatory environment

Who should attend?

Persons with insufficient technical knowledge, who are involved in the property industry, facilities management, construction work and the built environment in general, benefit immensely from the CTP. Being a technological programme, it is equally suitable for, and aimed at both the private and the public sectors.
SAPOA members- R16,000 (excl.VAT)
Non-Members- R18,000 (excl. VAT)

The course fee must be paid prior to attendance. An invoice will be issued on acceptance of your registration. Delegates, particularly public sector applicants, must ensure that the applicable account for this course is on the sponsor’s vendors list. Before delegates register, they should ensure that their attendance has been approved and an official order is issued where applicable. If the sponsor fails to settle the course fee, the delegate will be held personally responsible for payment.

1. Successful applicants will be advised of their acceptance, as soon as possible.
2. Please complete and submit your application form. Make and keep a copy for yourself.
3. With your acceptance to the course, an invoice and the relevant banking information will be provided for immediate payment.
Cancellation Policy
Cancellations for the course must be received not later than three weeks before the course starts. In the event that the applicant cannot find a replacement, no refund will be made. In case of insufficient applications for the course, we reserve the right to move the presentation dates on, or cancel the course. Applicants will be informed and all fees will be refunded immediately.
Career Excel Academy (CEA)
Vicki Fourie - Programme Administrator
T: 012 808 9959
C: 082 820 0690

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